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ISM Solar is a partner in Watershed Solar Development. The company has been formed to provide innovative landfill and brownfield solar energy solutions integrated with ClosureTurf®, a patented engineered geosynthetic turf closure system owned by Watershed Geosynthetics. Watershed Solar Development is licensed and authorized nationwide by Watershed Geosynthetics to develop and install solar energy systems on ClosureTurf. Watershed Solar Development is also licensed and authorized nationwide by Watershed Solar to market and install PowerCap®. PowerCap is a patent pending solar technology, marketed and supported by Watershed Geosynthetics, that optimizes solar design and maximizes project economics in the following ways:

  • Provides a geotechnically engineered and tested, highly stabilized solar energy system
  • Features a direct attachment method to ClosureTurf with no penetrations
  • Achieves industry-best power density per unit area and for the entire site
  • Enables installation on landfill slopes up to 3:1 and greater
  • Includes a 40-year performance warranty
  • Makes ClosureTurf eligible for the Federal Investment Tax Credit in some instances

Watershed Solar Development provides peace of mind to ClosureTurf site owners and operators due to the combined geotechnical engineering of Watershed Geosynthetics and solar energy expertise of ISM Solar Development. The company prioritizes a “Do No Harm” strategy to ensure the long-term integrity and performance of ClosureTurf. Watershed Solar Development integrates ClosureTurf and solar maintenance to provide maximum financial benefit, quality assurance, and risk management to its customers.