Crazy Horse Landfill

Crazy Horse Landfill
Salinas, CA
Project Description
Project Scope
Situated adjacent to the San Andreas Fault in California, the Crazy Horse Landfill in Salinas, CA, required a solution that would enable capping without modifying steep slopes of 2.25H:1V. And, since most available borrow soil was expensive and environmentally impacted with agricultural chemicals, the site was especially challenged in producing surface water quality that met the regulations. The 65-acre landfill is also situated in a residential area that demanded a final cover system that was aesthetically-pleasing and not subjected to on-going erosion and maintenance noise.
Installation of the ClosureTurf® system was successfully achieved with currently developed slopes under earthquake loading, eliminating 11,000 round trip truck loads (equivalent to 660,000 miles) that would have been required for soil borrow. The combination of soil import elimination and reduced heavy equipment needs reduced the project’s carbon footprint by 70%.
ClosureTurf® eliminated dirty storm water runoff by replacing a traditional vegetated cover with a cover system that produces very clear and clean water free of fertilizer and muddy runoff. In addition, ClosureTurf® eliminated slope veneer failures from high seismic loads and reduced yearly maintenance activities for the SVSWA to essentially zero. These would have included rebuilding slopes because of erosion, revegetation, dust control efforts, mowing of weeds and grasses to reduce fire danger, and controlling rodent populations.
Project Details
ClientSalinas Valley Solid Waste Authority