Timber Ridge Landfill

Timber Ridge Landfill
Richwoods, Missouri
Project Description
Project Scope
Due to its location in a seismic area, concerns over slope stability that could compromise gas collection and containment was a major concern for this landfill. The lack of quality borrow soil and the high cost of procuring it made a ClosureTurf system an easy choice. Likewise, gas collection using deep wells would drastically increase installation costs and compromise speed of closure. A system that could perform effectively without deep vertical wells was greatly advantageous.

ClosureTurf’s patented system precluded the need for gas wells or piping. This resulted in a cost savings of $15,000 per acre that would have been required for installing deep gas wells. ClosureTurf’s structured membrane reduces oxygen in the system that results in higher quality methane gas to be vented for flaring or alternative energy generation.

Under the ClosureTurf system, the gas rises to the surface due to positive pressure and generates little condensate to be collected and managed. The Timber Ridge system is consistently venting 500 SCFM of gas over a ten-acre closure with no vertical wells. This achievement has resulted in Timber Ridge winning an International Achievement Award for a combined gas collection and closure system and the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) Gold Award for landfill gas collection in 2012.
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ClientProgressive Waste Solutions