LaSalle-Grant Landfill

LaSalle-Grant Landfill
Jena, Louisiana
Project Description
Project Scope
The soil of the LaSalle-Grant Landfill in central Louisiana was highly erodible, had a high plasticity index, and had a natural pH of 4.0, so its characteristics weren’t conducive to side slope maintenance. In fact, every spring the existing vegetative slopes required slope repair, reseeding and liming in order to remain intact. Pressure to find a more stable solution led the operator to implementing Closure Turf’s 43 degree interface friction technology, which is more than a 3.0 factor of safety against sliding failure, over 10 acres of the landfill.

Operators quickly learned of Closure Turf’s ability to provide long-term erosion control as the system controlled rainfall runoff in excess of 4 inches per hour at times during it’s first year in action. In fact, the system has endured more than 300 inches of rainfall since 2008. And, three months after phase one of the project was completed, a tornado producing shear winds of 70 mph hit across the front of the landfill without damaging the turf cap. Finally, the LaSalle sand infill remained in place with no erosion when a levee broke, releasing water over 5 acres of the project area.

The Closure Turf system requires no mowing, little maintenance, and has remained in tact even under the most extreme weather conditions. Low maintenance costs can relate to significant savings over the 30 year post closure period. Best of all, soil erosion, water infiltration, leachate reduction and fugitive gas emissions were immediately controlled once the ClosureTurf system was installed.
Project Details
ClientProgressive Waste Solutions